Moments and fragments

This will be my most active page, where I capture a feeling, thought, insight, snapshot, memory, vision, or dream.

Goldilocks Comes Home

Had this fairy tale intended to teach the lesson I’m talking about, Goldilocks would have come back when the bears were at home, been invited in, and then had the legitimate discovery that some like their chairs to be big and firm, some prefer them soft and pillowy, and that even if you can’t be…

On Conspiracy Theories – Covid 19

A couple of people over on LinkedIn tried to persuade me that Covid 19 is a big conspiracy. After assuming good intent and trying to reason about illness, science, and just plain decency when people are suffering, I concluded I was wasting my time and moved on. My lingering thought is about conspiracy theories: Fact:…

Thanksgiving morning

Happy Thanksgiving to all! In some cultures, they think not of time as something that has passed, but as something that is coming. Today I choose to be thankful for the endless flow of time ahead of us. We do not die – no one does – our energy merely takes on a different form.…

You’re just saying that because…

Despite the risk of doing to you the very thing I dislike, I will nonetheless take the risk of making a few generalizations and predictions about you and me and others. There are few things that people can say to make me instantly angry than, “You’re just saying that because…” I think I’m not alone…


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