Thanksgiving morning

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

In some cultures, they think not of time as something that has passed, but as something that is coming. Today I choose to be thankful for the endless flow of time ahead of us.

We do not die – no one does – our energy merely takes on a different form.

There are many for whom “Thanksgiving” is more associated with violence, injustice, and death. My prayer is that the idea of standing in a gently welcoming stream of Time may be of solace.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving morning

  1. Dear Susanne, I like the idea that we do not die – that our energy merely takes on a different form. What I do not understand is your sentence that for many “Thanksgiving” is more associated with violence, injustice, and death. Maybe it is a cultural thing – in Germany Thanksgiving means being grateful for the harvest (of everything that helps us to live) in the year and is celebrated with special church services. That seems to be different in the USA. – Thanks for your prayer with which I will go to sleep now. Best wishes from Jutta


    1. Dear Jutta,
      I hope you slept well!
      There is, just as you say, a cultural component to this reflection. Thinking of it from the Indigenous peoples in the USA, the prevailing mythology of a lovely harvest feast with the colonizers and the colonized in happy harmony is… well, you can imagine. So as a White person, I want to acknowledge the reality of brutal colonialism.

      Here in my apartment, I sit on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish people, specifically the Duwamish tribe.

      In recognition that the Duwamish were forced off their land, there is now an opportunity to pay rent at The money is used by the tribe to buy land back as it comes available, and to pay for services for those who have suffered much as a result of the theft of their land.

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      1. Dear Susanne, thanks for this explanation. Yes, I slept well. The question of my privileges through being WHITE is on my mind as well. Have a good weekend.


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