It took me a long time to learn what the temptations of the devil are about in Luke 4. Remember when the devil tempts Jesus after he has fasted in the desert for 40 days, just after he has been baptized? The devil’s first temptation is for Jesus to turn stones into bread. Next, the devil invites Jesus […]

Whence Cometh My Hope?

For about a week now I have tried to write about where we find hope in the midst of complex problems in which we are complicit, but I felt I was blocked at every turn. How hard can it be to write about God as the source of our hope?! Yet as hard and prayerfully as […]

Born to Be Wild

A while back my daughters, M and A, listened to “Born to Be Wild” in the car. The song is a 60s tune about rebellion against authority, heading off for adventure, and seeking meaning in adventure. Well, M identified with it completely. She says it is her song, she says she was born to be wild. One day she […]

Friendly Fashion Faux-Pas

John Woolman, revered today as one of the earliest Quaker opponents to slavery in the USA, was considered quite the fashion oddball in his time. He dressed in homespun white wool clothes, whether the wool was weighed down by cold rain or made him sweat in summer heat. Why did he not dress in plain gray cotton clothes, like most other Quakers […]

Pray _____ Protest

Last week more than 20,000 Buddhist monks filled the streets of Rangoon to protest Myanmar’s oppression of its own people. Monks led the way, and I can only assume they felt it was their religious duty to speak out. I can only assume that they saw it as a spiritual necessity, as opposed to taking sides in a […]


I am a GOOD NEWS Associate engaged in spiritual nurture in Scandinavia and and the USA, primarily in Seattle. As an Associate, I offer spiritual direction, chaplain services, facilitate retreats, and study groups. My passion is finding out what God calls me to be in the world, especially in a world where so many people’s lives are […]