50 Million Christians Protesting in the Streets

A few days ago I asked why there aren’t 50 million Christians protesting in the streets here in the USA (see 10/4 entry). Indeed, why am I not out in the streets protesting against war and increasing poverty?

The question has political, practical and spiritual dimensions, and here is my spiritual answer: 

I have seen the enemy against whom God would have me direct my protest, and the enemy is me. How do I protest against myself?

I believe it is true, as John Woolman said, that my possessions are “seeds of war” (see 10/6 entry). More accurately, perhaps, it is my desire for convenience and financial security that constitute the “seeds of war”. Like most people, I want inexpensive appliances and equipment for family, home and office, and I want to set a little money aside for college for my daughters and for retirement. As do most of us.

My family’s income depends directly and indirectly on how well the state of Washington is doing. Washington’s economy depends on Boeing. Boeing does best during times of war. In fact, the US economy does best when the military-industrial sector is thriving, as it does in times of war.

My Christian self hungers for peace. I plant the seeds of peace as I read, talk, organize, and pray about peace. But try as I might, my economic self keeps planting seeds of war.

Lord, have mercy.

Query for prayerful consideration:

As I consider the complexities and complicities of war and poverty, what are my sources of hope?

2 thoughts on “50 Million Christians Protesting in the Streets

  1. Susanne,

    I googled the words “woolman seeds of war” and found this post. You speak to my condition.

    My God, my God, have You forsaken us? Will You? Because too many of us have forsaken You… Lord, have mercy…

    Thank you for helping me to give virtual voice to this prayer.

    In peace and friendship,

    — Chris Mohr


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