Pray _____ Protest

Last week more than 20,000 Buddhist monks filled the streets of Rangoon to protest Myanmar’s oppression of its own people. Monks led the way, and I can only assume they felt it was their religious duty to speak out. I can only assume that they saw it as a spiritual necessity, as opposed to taking sides in a divisive political battle. 

I muse: “Why aren’t there 50 million Christians filling the streets in the USA protesting against policies that are making life harder for regular wage earners here?” Healthcare and housing costs continue to rise faster than wages, and more and more public money goes to pay for weapons, ammunition, and soldiers. 

So, if I were to fill in the blank in my headline, which would it be? Pray and protest? Pray or protest? Pray, don’t protest?

Query for prayerful consideration: 

Does my Christian faith require me to protest increasing poverty? 


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