Every Tuesday for the past 4 weeks, I have co-facilitated an Ignatian Prayer Experience at the Recovery Cafe in downtown Seattle. Women and men who are in various stages of recovery from alcoholism, drug use, homelessness, and mental health challenges meet to support each other in the hard work required to stay on the journey towards healthy mind and spirit. Every […]

Fear Not

My soul has continued to ponder how it can be that those of us who have a-plenty seem to spend a lot of time pondering how to safeguard our future. If I were to characterize the mood and mindset of people like myself, I wouldn’t choose words like “gratitude”, “joy” or “awareness of abundance”. I am also struck […]

Abundance and LOTR…?

What do my thoughts about abundance and Lord of the Rings (LOTR) have in common (See post from 11/14)?  J.R.R. Tolkien explained that although LOTR was published soon after World War II (1954-55), the books were neither a metaphor for the evils of war nor the evils the war was intended to conquer. Instead it was a commentary on industrialism […]


Abundance. What a difficult concept for a financially comfortable person to comprehend! As I let myself sink down to float on the ocean of God’s abundant love, my mind encounters thought after thought that causes my muscles to tense with fear and my body to stiffen so that the waters of God’s love can no longer hold me up. “What if my husband […]