Fear Not

My soul has continued to ponder how it can be that those of us who have a-plenty seem to spend a lot of time pondering how to safeguard our future. If I were to characterize the mood and mindset of people like myself, I wouldn’t choose words like “gratitude”, “joy” or “awareness of abundance”. I am also struck by how often people who live closer to the margins do seem to sparkle with joy about being alive, and sometimes even gratitude for having made it out of a life of bad choices and hard living.

It seems to me that our ability to experience life abundantly – or lack thereof – has little to do with the state of our checking account or what we own or will own in the future. Could it be that our ability to experience abundance is an indicator of the state of our soul? Is it true then, that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter heaven?

Query for prayerful consideration:

What would/does it take for me to experience abundance?

One thought on “Fear Not

  1. On November 24, the very day you posted this, I was at a public hearing about a staff/faculty housing development proposed for the campus of the local community college. A local homeowners group was there in opposition to the development, to be built on an existing parking lot (in one of the country’s most expensive housing markets, San Mateo County, California). One of the single biggest complaints they had was that the apartments would be not just for teaching faculty, but also — horrors! — staff such as groundskeepers and janitors. It was absolutely appalling.

    I pulled out my Palm Pilot, on which I have a copy of the King James Version, and brought up that passage from Matthew and showed it to my friend who was sitting next to me.

    Lord, have mercy on us, the rich and the poor alike.

    — Chris Mohr


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