I’ve lived on three continents, am currently in Seattle and work as a hospital chaplain. I like to play with theology and faith and apply it in the world I live in. I like to break down the things people take for granted into their political, cultural, and spiritual component pieces and then mix and match. Reflections on race and ethnicity are interwoven in my thinking, as they have been in my own life history. Everything I think, feel, and believe gets put to the test by my experiences in the world, and everything I experience in the real world calls into question how I think, feel, and live as a person of faith. God’s loving presence among, in, between, and around us is at the center of my Christian faith, deeply rooted in the peace church tradition. 

The fruits of my reflections and real-world application are what you will see on these pages. I follow Jesus, and learn daily about what it means to try to live as he asked his disciples to do.

Over at Susanne’s Quaker Musings, I reflected on life and faith through a Quaker lens for several years, but I no longer add blog posts on that site.

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