Covid Reflections 9/19/2020

Proposal for the USA:

If it is hard for many Americans to wear a mask that primarily protects others… might it make sense for the US government to order enough N-95s to be made in the country, let every American be fit tested, and be given a few reusable masks each?

Let Americans go to their local clinic, be fitted for an N-95 mask, and taught to use it correctly. If every USAmerican were equipped to protect themselves and their loved ones, would mask wearing seem less offensive?

I know public health is based on serving “the common good”, which is what I personally would prefer. It *is* the Gold Standard, and a standard that unites all religions and philosophies. I believe the prevalence of “the common good” across time and geography must mean it provides a survival benefit for a species, as Darwinian biological reasoning might suggest.

But if a population can’t/won’t adopt that mindset, might it better for the country to adapt its strategy than to try to change people into something they aren’t?

Query for further reflection: What are the ethical considerations in promoting N-95 usage for the general public? Does promoting individuals’ survival in this way conflict with the group’s survival long-term?

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