Fathering Moments

Johan Bävman’s pictures of Swedish fathers are currently on exhibit at the National Nordic museum in Seattle.

Today, I participated in an annotated virtual exhibition, as it were, though the museum is open, with timed, pre-scheduled visits for pandemic prevention purposes, and I may go in person as well.

I found the pictures very moving, and my heart ached as I thought of all the fathers, mothers, and children in Western European North American (WENA) culture that have been and are deprived of this kind of fathering experiences.

My heart was full as I enjoyed hearing Johan speak of his experience of being a nurturing, tender, warm, and supportive father to his children. Seeing the fathering moments that Johan captured also nurtured my hope that these sights and experiences will become more common.

Query for further reflection:

Notice what sensations and feelings arise in you. Please share, if so inclined.

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