A New Way of Living

Hah, and I thought May and June were busy…..

I was promoted in mid June, and my new responsibilities mean I do more administration – lots more – and have fewer patient visits and do less spiritual direction. I discovered a funny thing: management and administrative tasks don’t lend themselves as well to blog-worthy reflections. There are fewer human interactions, and of course it’s those human stories that touch me. My computer just isn’t as stimulating!

Hmmm. Let me rephrase that. Managing and administrating are plenty stimulating activities, they jusy don’t lend themselves as well to public blogging. More of my thoughts and reflections need to be kept to myself. My employment situation is a matter of public record, so there is no way of telling the story while keeping the institution anonymous. 

Are there any bloggers out there who have found ways to blog about their reflections on institutional life?

And yet there are many in the area of spirituality who believe in a corporate “soul” and believe that its soul is more than the institution’s culture and more than the sum of the individual employees’ souls. 

To be continued….

3 thoughts on “A New Way of Living

  1. I just happened on this blog post, as I was searching for things about spirituality and institutions. I’m happy to have found your blog, and a little disappointed that the blog has been inactive for the past few months. I am also a Quaker, and I’m focused on studying and applying the connections between spirituality and organizations. Here’s a blog I do about the topic: http://spiritofinstitutions.blogspot.com/.

    I also appreciated your earlier post about discernment. I thought that you summarized discernment in a very helpful and concise way.


  2. Sometimes I’ve waited a few months before blogging about something and changed minor details so that it wouldn’t be connected to specific people or events. I’ve done that when the specific issue spoke to a larger phenomenon that I thought worthy of conversation.

    A lot depends on the institution and its unique confidentiality requirements, but I’ve found many organizations don’t have to be nearly as secretive as they are. People appreciate honesty and the ability to see inside some of the decision-making processes. But this might might be a moot point if the organization loves its secrecy and you’re just an employee. My own blogging has definitively shifted at times because of employment issues.


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