My New Quaker Blog

I woke up this morning to the realization that I wanted to add in a new blog. This blog, “Musings on Faith” has given me a wonderful opportunity to explore liberal Christian faith, and to move freely from one topic to another and to range widely. As I have looked more closely at class and faith over the last few weeks, I discovered that I also want an opportunity to go more deeply into issues of faith and practice, within the context of my own denomination. I want to delve into Quaker faith and life in a ways that sometimes may have less appeal for my non-Quaker readers. So, from now on, I will write about how faith intersects with lived life here at Musings on Faith, and I’ll write about issues of faith – in depth – in a more specifically Quaker way at The series of posts on barriers to worship (class being one of them) will continue on my new site. Some topics may show up in both blogs, and I will deal with them a little bit differently in each place.

Even if you aren’t a Quaker, you may find things of value on my Quaker blog because the two will be in conversation with each other. My experience is that faith groups wrestle with more or less the same issues, and you may be interested in seeing how Quakers do it. I always try to write in a manner that will be accessible to all, regardless of denominational background. Here is my description of the new Quaker blog:

In my faith life I move back and forth between contemplation and action. I am a spiritual director and chaplain, and also a spiritually-based activist by nature. When I see something I perceive to be a problem, I like to engage it and come up with ideas for solutions. In this blog, I will wrestle with issues of Quaker faith, practice, and culture, and I’ll write about the condition of liberal Quakerism as I see it. 

I look forward to meeting you again in one or both places!

One thought on “My New Quaker Blog

  1. Long ago I remember having an interesting discussion in a Quaker 101 class about the difference between “belief” and “faith.” As I remember, the former is a conviction about truth or a statement about reality. The later is a fidelity to one’s vows. Now I realize that this definition of faith may seem more appropos to a monk or cleric, yet, truth be told, I have made several, secret vows. This isn’t the stuff of the Ten Commandments but an active intention to live my life abundantly and authentically. Obviously I live in am ethically messy world. I have good days and bad days at living out these vows faithfully. I guess the key is “fidelity” to those vows . . . on days when I am broke-down and on days I am brought up.


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